KAPCO is Pakistan's largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) with a name plate capacity of 1600 MW. The Power Plant comprises of 10 multi fuel fired gas turbines and 5 steam turbines installed in 5 phases between 1985 and 1996. These turbines are divided into 3 energy Blocks with each Block having a combination of gas and steam turbines. The Power Plant's combined cycle technology enables KAPCO to use the waste heat from the gas turbine exhaust to produce steam in the Heat Recovery Steam Generator, which in turn is used to run the steam turbines thereby resulting in fuel cost efficiency and minimum wastage.
  The Power Plant is a multi-fuel gas-turbine power plant with the capability of using 3 different fuels to generate electricity, namely: Natural Gas, Low Sulphur Furnace Oil and High Speed Diesel to generate electricity. The Power Plant is also the only major plant in Pakistan with the ability to self start in case of a country wide blackout.