Kot Addu Power Company Limited


KAPCO as a responsible Corporate Citizen not only generates electricity, but is also dedicated to improve the well-being of the community it operates in.
Since its inception in June 1996, kapco has initiated a comprehensive Social Action Programme with special emphasis on basic health and education facilities in order to improve the quality of life of the local people.
KAPCO’s primary objectives are as follows:
Health Care
Provision of health care equipment, infrastructure facilities to up-grade the standard of local government hospitals, primary and preventative medical care including free consultation, medicines, vaccinations, eye operations, surgeries and complete treatment of diseases like Tuberculosis for deserving patients. Enhance awareness among the local community in preventative health care.
Provision of infrastructure facilities such as construction of class rooms, toilets, furniture, electric water coolers, scholarships, books, uniforms and bags to deserving students. Gold Medals to the top achievers of Kot Addu in SSC and HSSC examinations.
Improvement of infrastructure facilities in surrounding areas such as provision of street lights, construction of public waiting rooms at bus stands, electric water coolers, fans, benches, and improved sewerage systems.
Training and Development
Provide technical training opportunities to local students through Apprenticeship Training Schemes and internships.
Provision of financial assistance and prizes to local sports events