Kot Addu Power Company Limited

The Company with its broad vision of Human Resource Management provides life-long career development opportunities for qualified, competent and hard-working professionals. Currently the employee strength is approximately 535. All of the employees are well-trained and committed to their jobs. The Company continuously endeavours to create a conducive work environment which fosters pride, job satisfaction and equal opportunity for career growth of the employees.

The Company owns and maintains housing facilities for its employees and their families at a residential colony adjacent to its power plant in Kot Addu. The residential colony is spread over 170 acres and comprises over 900 houses, a ten bed hospital, staff and officers recreation facilities, two shopping centres, a bachelors hostel, a guest house, secondary schools for boys and girls and three mosques. The employees and their dependents are provided with full medical cover. Well-being of the employees families along with ample recreational activities is essential for employees in order to deliver optimum capabilities with complete peace of mind. Fully understanding this importance, the Company promotes sports and recreational activities amongst employees and their families.

The Company is an equal opportunity employer, which maintains a strict induction standard and implements merit as the basis when hiring new employees so as to ensure the concept of the Right Person for the Right Job.

Human Resource Development

The Company greatly values its employees and so Human Resource Development (HRD) is given a high priority in the Company corporate objectives. HRD programmes are developed, from time to time, with a view not only to enhance essential business and professional skills, but also to focus on the personal development of employees. A long-term view has been established to address personal development and succession planning through effective training programmes both internally and externally.