Kot Addu Power Company Limited

KAPCO is an equal opportunity employer and it provides a challenging work environment with competitive compensation.

There are no vacancies at this time.

Employee Recruitment Procedure
1- Positions are advertised on our website for a specified number of days – applicants can apply against advertised vacant positions
2- Once the stipulated period is over, it is removed from the website, the HR department short lists candidates for the next phase of recruitment
3- Short listed candidates proceed with the selection process which may include interviews, tests etc.
4- Based on accumulated results, the most suitable candidate is finalized and an offer letter is sent to the selected candidates for the position
5- Please note that  “Only short-listed candidates will be notified”
“KAPCO reserves the right to revise, update or change the following:
Job Descriptions
-Terms of Reference for jobs and
-Selection criteria at any stage from recruitment to employment”

For any queries with regard to employment or internships, please contact the HR department at the following email address:
For any queries with regard to the website and applications on the website, please contact the webmaster at: